About ifront

Summary of education program

Support of the program

The supports of this program are as follows.


Course students are supported by a scholarship system so that they can fully devote themselves to study and research activities. (*)
Click here for the lists of bursaries recipients.

2.Student Dormitory

The student Dormitory is provided for iFront students. The common room is available in the dormitory and every iFront students can use the room. (After April in 2019, the dormitory support will not be subsidized by iFront program. )

3.Other supports

・Tuition waiver
・Support for international internship (*)
・Support for overseas training  (*)
・Support for domestic company internship (*)

4.Facility and Equipment

・Student Lounge (Room 206 in 1st bldg.)
・Large printer (equipped in room 206 in 1st bldg.)
・Tablet lending

* Becouse the Leading Program of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is end in March 2019, finantial supports after April 2019 is uncertain.