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Curriculum overview

Original subjects

1.Career Designing Seminar
Invite instructors from inside and outside the university to consider the qualities and capabilities required of global leaders. Or design your future, consider the capabilities to acquire that are needed for each stage, and list the courses to complete over five years.
Choose from the following: (Required 1st year)

2.Innovative systems Co-creation project
Learn how to create value through lectures on such topics as giving presentations and project management. (Required 1st year)
3.International Symposia /Seminars
Learn about giving presentations (1st year) and managing operations (2nd year) through the International Conference on Smart Systems Engineering (SmaSys).
Furthermore, students will carry out lectures as global leaders by hosting a joint symposium with students at the Kyushu University Program from Leading Graduate Schools. (Required 1st and 2nd year)
4.My Portal Website
This work will teach you how to disseminate information on the Internet, leading to international exchange and networking. (Required 1st through 5th year)
5.Project-Based leaningⅠ
Learn practical capabilities such as problem-solving through practical training at companies in Japan. (Required 1st and 2nd year)
6.Project-Based leaning Ⅱ
Learn practical capabilities such as problem-solving through practical training at companies in Japan. (Elective 3rd through 5th year)
7.Exercise for Global Communication
First year students engage in short-term overseas internships as a practical overseas exercise. The photograph shows training carried out in Shanghai. Third-year students learn about global communications and study debate forms in a lecture exercise format. (Required 3rd through 5th year)

8.International Internship
Students carry out research activities and activities to extend their domain of specialization at overseas companies and universities. Students reside overseas for long term periods between one month and one year to interact with foreign cultures and acquire global communications abilities. Students also give a report on the results after returning to Japan once the joint research has been completed. (Required 3rd through 5th year)