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Curriculum overview


1.Qualifying Examination (QE)
Students who have passed the preliminary review, such as by acquiring the necessary credits and displaying a past record of submitting a thesis, are eligible to take the Qualifying Examination (QE). The QE assesses whether students have the requisite specialization as well as the creativity and autonomy which are the standards for the Flex Course Graduate School through a verbal examination. Students who pass the review may proceed to the doctorate course. Unlike the standard master’s course, students do not receive a master’s degree. This means that students do not have to submit a master’s thesis, and so do not have to wrap-up their experiments after 2 year, leaving more time for their research. 

2.End of Course Examination (ECE)
Students who have been acknowledged as possessing the requisite specialization from completing the doctorate course after submitting their doctoral thesis, and who have acquired the necessary credit, may take the End of Course Examination (ECE). When students pass this examination, completion of the Innovative Flex Course for Frontier Organic Material Systems (iFront) will be noted on his/her diploma of doctorate in engineering.