About ifront

Summary of education program

Features of education program

Our goals for students

This course seeks to nurture “global leaders”: professionals with both creativity and initiative. Creativity enables both practical value creation and the ability to look at problems from multiple angles; initiative enables course members to take on the challenge of expanding the field of organic material systems on a global level.

Major and sub-major system

Students may choose to study organic material systems either as their major or sub-major field while studying another field of interest at the same time.

Utilizing advanced research facilities in the organic material systems

The iFront program provides practical education to develop student’s research, development and practical skills using Yamagata University’s advanced research facilities, which are equipped to facilitate all varieties of organic material research.

Integrated education in streamlined five-year doctoral program

Step-by-step education allows students to steadily improve their creativity and initiative though student-led international conferences and other similarly-focused activities in the course curriculum.

Guidance from experienced professionals

Professors with industry experience participate in lectures, events and mentoring. Through this corporate mentor system, students will gain an understanding of the business side of production and product innovation.

Promoting exchange beyond specialized fields

Using YU’s extensive domestic and overseas networks, students can develop their communication ability beyond their field of study and improve their understanding of other cultures. This is achieved through inter-university exchanges, corporate and research internships, and especially, a half-year international internship in which all students are encouraged to take part in.