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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

    Students are required to complete a prescribed number of program courses during their first and second year. At the end of second year, student must pass a Qualifying Examination (QE). Students are required to complete additional courses during their third to fifth year, acquiring a prescribed number of credits and receiving necessary research guidance. Students must pass a doctoral thesis review, final exam, and iFront Program Completion Examination (End-of-Course Examination:ECE) at the end of their fifth year to successfully complete the program.
    The period of enrollment in this program cannot exceed two years for the period leading up to the QE and three years for the remainder of the program. Early graduation may be permitted for students who have particularly outstanding research achievements.


/// 1st-2nd grade ///
Master’s courses30 credits or more(Each major’s credits)
Value Creation
Career Design Courses
4 credits
> Career Designing Seminar (2)
> Innovative Systems Co-creation project (1)
> Project-Based Learning(I) (1)
> International Symposia / Seminars (work)
> My Portal Website (work)
Total 34 credits or more
* Pass a Qualifying Examination (QE)

For the management of Technology for Manufacturing (MOT) major, consult the student handbook.



/// 3rd – 5th grade ///
Doctoral coursesGraduate school of Science and Engineering: 12 credits or more
Graduate school of Organic Materials Science: 18 credits or more
Value Creation
Career Design Courses
6 credits or more
> Project-Based Learning (II) (2) *elective
> Exercise for Global Communication (2)
> International Internship (2)
> My Portal Website (work)
Total 18 credits or more
* Pass a doctoral thesis review
* Pass a End-of-Course Examination (ECE)